Understanding Attraction

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Christian Kitsch and Basement Desires

img_1991If Augustine is right, then underneath all our desire for wealth and reputation and fornication is actually a desire for God. We just haven’t dug deeply enough into ourselves yet to find it.

Is the Catechism homophobic? Depends on who’s reading it…

Is the Catechism homophobic?

There are two readings of “homosexuality” in the Catechism: the theological-teleological reading and the Freudian-psychological reading. Nearly everyone adopts the latter. 

Lecture: Catholicism and Homosexuality.


I recently gave a talk in Texas on Catholicism and homosexuality. You can watch the recording here!

When All Desire is a Desire for Gay Sex


The danger is not only that theology will be misunderstood; it’s also that the human person will be largely unseen.

Learning to See

1200px-michelangelo27s_pieta_5450_cropncleaned_editImagine if, rather than spending two hours viewing pornography per week, the average high school boy spent thirty minutes per week in front of the replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta.

Homosexuality and Friendship: A Response to Austin Ruse

plato-courtesy-of-shutterstock.jpgEach person has a unique calling from God, and this calling is partly revealed by and lived through our unique circumstances.

The Meaning of Vocation

fest-pew-shot.jpgVocation is never lived alone, even on a human level. It is always lived in relation to others, and thus the vocation of each becomes also the vocation of all. 

The Meaning of Sexual Attraction, Part 2

screen-shot-2013-07-07-at-3-46-30-pm.pngI will discuss some possible implications of the theory proposed in my first post on how we (and especially Christians) can view “homosexuality.”

The Meaning of Sexual Attraction, Part 1

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 11.48.32 AMOver the years, various theories have been proposed as to how we might classify human sexuality. In popular discourse, a gay – straight spectrum is commonly used…