about Chris

I’m a writer, speaker, and attorney living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I write pretty much everything: fiction, poetry, essays, academic works, and music. When I’m not writing, I enjoy hosting dinner parties, book clubs, and creative writing workshops out of my home.​

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Philosophy, and from the University of St. Thomas with a J.D. and an M.A. in Catholic Studies. I currently work for a Fortune 50 company, where I provide primary contract support for the organization’s $10 billion procurement business.

I am the author of I Desired You: Intellectual Journals on Faith and (Homo)sexuality (Volumes I and II), which explores my understanding of what it means to be gay and Catholic from my late teenage years to my early twenties. I am also a contributing author of Roadmap, which was published by the American Bar Association in 2015 and received the ABA’s E. Smythe Gambrell Award. My writing and speaking have focused primarily on faith, (homo)sexuality, Catholic Social Teaching, the clergy abuse crisis, legal professionalism, and liberal education. I have spoken before hundreds of people, in settings such as academic conferences, Catholic parishes, and corporate panels. My peer reviewed article, “A Catholic Perspective on Homoerotic Desire,” was published in Logos Journal in 2019. Other works have appeared in Commonweal Magazine, Church Life Journal, and the Intercollegiate Review.