I Desired You: Volume II

Intellectual Journals on Faith and (Homo)sexuality

Can you be gay and Catholic? And even if you can, can you be a gay Catholic committed to Church teaching? What does the Catholic Church teach about homosexuality? Why does it sound so terrible to gay people? And can it be lived, or even communicated, in a way that isn’t so terrible? In this second volume of writings, Chris continues seeking ways to make sense of his faith and sexuality, working through questions of doctrine, dating… 

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I Desired You 

An Intellectual Journal on Faith and Sexuality

When I was twenty-one, I started writing on Catholicism and sexuality. A year later, that work expanded quite a bit when I came out as gay, and over the next few years I explored through writing what it means to be gay and Catholic, drawing largely from personal experience, but also grappling with Church teaching and history…

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Stories and Poems 

by The Mezzo Consortium

This book is a collection of stories and poems written largely by young adults from the Twin Cities. They are students, teachers, and young professionals. They’re not professional writers, but they’re working to hone their skills as authors and poets. And they hope to be active members of the community, in part by providing the Twin Cities with creative works that are enjoyable, edifying, challenging, and provocative. This book is the first of such works…. 

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The Law Student’s Guide to Preparing and Implementing a Successful Plan for Meaningful Employment

Professor Neil Hamilton, former dean of St. Thomas University School of Law, has developed a ground-breaking template for law students to use throughout all three years of law school in order to be fully prepared to find employment upon graduation. Hamilton established the core competencies desired by law firms, corporate legal departments, and governmental law departments, to demonstrate what competencies each student should be developing… 

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