I believe

that the creative life of the mind should not be limited to professional academics and artists. I work to create spaces to live out this belief with others. You’re welcome to join, whether through my creative writing workshop, in a seminar series, or by checking out my blog.

Current Initiatives

The Seminar Series

explores questions related to philosophy, history, and politics. Topics have ranged from the history of conservative ideas to racism and revolution. We’ll read texts and discuss in a casual group setting. Seminars meet virtually bi-weekly and usually run the length of a college semester.

The Mezzo Consortium

is a monthly creative writing workshop that has worked with more than 30 Twin Cities writers on 2000+ pages of writing. Whether you just write for fun or want to pursue a career in fiction, we hope you’ll join us!


is a lay-led response to the clergy abuse crisis in the Twin Cities. We’ve pushed for changes, facilitated educational opportunities, and connected with others working to improve the Church. Our process: prayer, education, dialogue, action, repeat.

I’ve written

for a number of publications. From my peer-reviewed essay on Catholicism and homoerotic desire, to my self-published journals on being gay and Catholic, I hope that my more formal writings can be helpful as you seek answers for yourself.

Let’s connect.