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a gay Catholic who refuses to choose


“If I Weren’t Afraid: A Gay Catholic Memoir”

I’m currently finishing edits on the first of three volumes of memoirs about being gay and Catholic. Volume 1 focuses on my sophomore and junior years at Notre Dame as a closeted student struggling to make sense of a secret relationship, getting kicked out of my dorm, fighting depression, maintaining the image of a Catholic golden boy, and somehow discovering love and friendship. Interested agents can reach me via the Contact page.

Catholicism and Homosexuality

How do I understand the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality? How do I live them out? Is it possible to be gay and Catholic? Why do some Catholics use the term “same-sex attraction”?

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YArespond is a collection of Catholic young adults invested in pursuing informed and holistic responses to the clergy abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. We’ve organized community dialogues, created resources for parishes, published a letter with recommendations for change, and written pieces from both personal and professional perspectives.

“That commitment to rebuilding the Church — the mission that once captivated the heart of another young adult, St. Francis of Assisi — is equally evident in the open letter to me that young adults and other members of our archdiocese recently published”

Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis

The Mezzo Consortium is a monthly creative writing workshop based in the Twin Cities. We consist primarily of Catholics interested in the relationship between faith and writing, though rather than focusing on religious topics, we hope to write fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction that gives a real and grounded account of the world around us.