Same Sex Relationships

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Gay Christians: Maybe Don’t Date. When I first started seeing my partner, some of our initial conversations concerned language. What were we to call ourselves? What was our relationship?

Gay Christians: Maybe Don’t Date. You can’t “fix” your loneliness by getting your claws into someone and having that someone consume your entire emotional, social, and physical life.

Why call it dating? (Pt. 2).Consider the fact that, when I was discerning religious life, one community mailed me a book titled, “Dating God.”

Why call it dating? (Pt. 1).At the time, I wasn’t “gay” (I was “same-sex attracted”), and we weren’t “dating” (we were “friends”). Our sexual struggles were simply “fallings” into sin, which were resolved by going to confession and by reiterating our commitment to “friendship.”

What Good Does a Good Need?“When two people of the opposite sex in a romantic relationship hold hands, the handholding is directed towards marriage; the holding of hands has the conjugal relationship as its ultimate ‘end.’ But what’s the ‘end’ for two men holding hands?”

But What if Celibacy Harms my Mental Health?Ultimately, I also object to the form of the question. It sets up a binary that I simply don’t believe in.

Friendship and Exclusivity. Father Check responded to a question on “celibate gay couples” or “celibate gay friendships”. To summarize his remarks, he voiced concerns over the question of “exclusivity.”

Gay Celibacy, Step One.This vision, given by a young man recklessly in love with me, ultimately gave me a new vision of the Church’s understanding of my sexuality. 

But if it Smells Like a Marriage….In the end, this strikes me as the same perspective which brings about same-sex marriage in the first place. 

The Blessing of “Same Sex Unions”.One benefit of establishing (or, really, re-establishing) blessings for same-sex couples would be creating a space where same-sex couples can publicly affirm their commitment to Church teaching.

I Have a Boyfriend. Want to Talk About it?.2) Trying to set aside your presumptions. Just because I’m gay doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a democrat.

If a Guy Asked Me Out….As it stands, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with two gay Christians going on dates, at least under official Catholic teaching (i.e. catechism).

Gay Catholic Dating: Sin or Heartbreak.A friend recently told me that same-sex dating was bound to “end in either sin or heartbreak.” This view was unsurprising.

Artists in Love: A Defense of La La Land, and a Critique of Us.La La Land challenges this by providing a love that wins in an authentically happy ending, even if it’s not the ending that a marriage-obsessed and romantically narrow minded America might expect.