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Catholicism, Pornography, and Homosexuality

img_0938My counselor and I have spent many sessions exploring the intersections between my own pornography use and my relationship to my erotic life.

From Pornography to Persons

img_0923We frequently think of the longing for and use of pornography as solely one’s expression of the sexual urge, but I believe it is often much more a complex coping with one’s unlived erotic life.

Catholic Young Adults Discuss Chastity

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For example, some who cannot find a healthy way to relate to sexual desire may habituate themselves into pornography use or masturbation or hooking up.

Me and Porn II: For Your Hope

o-therapist-and-patient-facebookThe defensiveness, and the constant references to catechism paragraphs and the magisterium, revealed how much the hope was not mine.

Me and Porn I

img_8132I still remember the first time I looked at porn. It’s kind of a funny story, and in college I wrote a short story about it.

Why Look at Porn?

david-ip_flickrcommons_1Some of my friends stopped looking at porn when they fell in love. Is this what it takes? What would that even mean for those of us who want to overcome the cultural commitment to pornography?