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But if it smells like a marriage…

Is the Catechism homophobic?

 A culture with a robust understanding of marriage would be able to have a variety of legal unions.

Dr. Lu on Same-Sex Attraction: Stories and Embrace

img_6816Embracing the person without fear is the necessary precondition for moral clarity.

Artists in Love: A Defense of La La Land, and a Critique of Us


La La Land challenges this by providing a love that wins in an authentically happy ending, even if it’s not the ending that a marriage-obsessed and romantically narrow minded America might expect.

Audio: My current research on love, marriage, and friendship

the-11-best-web-microphones-for-webinar-hosting-1This week I complete my M.A. in Catholic Studies, with my Master’s Thesis titled: “It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone: Love, Marriage, and Friendship in the Catholic Tradition.” 

The Emotional Affair of John Paul II

anna-popeSuch an “affair” among respected Catholics is not unique to John Paul. In the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, Dante Alighieri…

My Friend the Carmelite

spanish-carm-nunsI don’t think my friend the Carmelite is a realist, in the modern sense. She fell in love and made a choice. 

Love in the Landfill

taylor-swift-1200x800Those who cannot or will not get married should be concerned by the fact that Americans are largely out of touch with their trash.

What’s Next for Love and Marriage?

fork-in-the-roadWhat may be needed is less of a focus on defending teachings and more of a focus on touching the lives of others.

A Love that Fills, and a Love that Opens

wedding-2The highest forms of love, however, are not those which simply fill; the highest loves will always open, like the love of God, which not only fills us, but overflows into the lives of those around us.

“Just Get Married” and Other Uncaring Advice

img_8284When some of my gay friends talk about the struggles of living celibate lives, they are occasionally told by their more progressive friends that they should “just go get married.”

Marriage and Society: A Response to Michael Bradley, Part 2

J. J. McCarthy's design for the Catholic University of IrelandA secularized and pluralistic society can only fail; for such a society isn’t really a society at all. 

Marriage and Society: A Response to Michael Bradley, Part 1

plannedparenthood78I’m not sure what the crisis pregnancy center of the traditional marriage movement would be, but conservatives need to be interested in finding it.

Defining Marriage Isn’t Defending Marriage

nuclear-2_20121201092203The rise of “gay marriage” does not come primarily from a crisis in the understanding of what marriage is. It comes from a crisis in the understanding and practice of love, commitment, and community.

The Problem of “Catholics for Equality

dog collarThe failure of catechesis in the world today is not only a failure to teach Catholics the various applications of Christian doctrine. It is a failure to teach Catholics what religion is.

Losing to the Gay Rights Movement

img_0303If advocates of traditional marriage lose the national battle (and they very well might), they’re going to have to look to more creative ways to preserve the institution of marriage.