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January 2019

The Playground for Homosexuals

Some Goals for 2019

December 2018

Published in Logos: A Catholic Perspective on Homoerotic Desire

Parenthood and the Voice of Conscience

The Zero-Sum Clergy Abuse Game

November 2018

Writing and Disfigurement

A Doctrine that Bends and Sways

Fatherless in a Church of Fathers

A Return to the Sistine

October 2018

I can’t save the unhappy

You won’t find it here

The woman under the bus: sexual violence and legal liability

Can we drink this cup? Nouwen and the abuse crisis

September 2018

A gay Catholic apologist in the scandal

I, too, am responsible: reflections on the abuse crisis

Catholics: don’t ask for “change”

Young adults on the crisis: transparency and reporting

Young adults on the crisis: transparency and formation

Young adults on the crisis: despair and hope

August 2018

Correcting myself: the Catechism, homosexuality, and seminary admission

YArespond: Learn more about the Catholic abuse crisis

Ban abuse survivors from seminary

Blaming homosexuality: chastity, suicide, and the abuse crisis

Courage and Freud: So what can be done?

Courage and Freud: Why is Catholicism committed to a Freudian ministry for homosexuals?

In a crisis, why pray?

Courage and Freud: The John Jay Report

Courage and Freud: You can’t refute Freud

Courage and Freud: Are homosexuals just lesser men?

What do you mean, “crisis”? We have (at least) three.

I Desired You: Volume II

Catholic Young Adults Discuss: Cardinal McCarrick

Banning gay seminarians won’t end gay priests

Heterosexual clergy who touch other men

4 things I realized at ReVoice

July 2018

Are gay priests to blame for the clergy abuse crisis?

From the ReVoice Conference: My Life in Community

Christian Kitsch and Basement Desires

On Passing Things

My House, My Beloved

I’ve Been Mad at the Church

June 2018

Gay Christians: Maybe Don’t Date

Do our married friends leave us behind?

Why call it dating? (Pt. 2)

Why call it dating? (Pt. 1)

May 2018

Pressure Cooker and Potted Plant

Catholicism, Pornography, and Homosexuality

From Pornography to Persons

Want it to work

Catholics Discuss: Can Gay Catholics Hold Hands?

What Good Does a Good Need?

April 2018

But What if Celibacy Harms my Mental Health?

Catholic Young Adults Discuss: Homosexuality

What to Expect with Heartbreak

my life, gay and Catholic

Rereading the Bible

March 2018

For Christian Gays and their “Conscientious Objectors”

The Words of Life

Friendship and Exclusivity

Gay Celibacy, Step One

Gay Catholic Ministry: Contact Your Diocese

February 2018:

You Can’t Lie on Facebook, 2: On ‘Safe Spaces’

You Can’t Lie on Facebook, 1: The Language of Mental Illness

Why Catholics Should See ‘Call Me by Your Name’

Audio: Eros and Asceticism in Francis of Assisi

From Atheist to Ashes

Reflections on Language, 2

Reflections on Language, 1

Millennials Discuss Anxiety…

January 2018:

But if it smells like a marriage…

The Blessing of “Same-Sex Unions”

The Victim III: The Gay Christian Victim

The Victim II: Anne Frank’s Paradox of Freedom

The Victim I: Who Are the Victims?

The Comic Gospels

Catholic Young Adults Discuss Chastity

On Writing Wrongly

Why I Call Myself a “Gay Catholic”

For All the Single Ladies: Against Settling

December 2017:

Gender and Charity III: What Gender?

Gender and Charity II: Gender of the Soul

Gender and Charity I: On Stereotypes

What is hell?

Catholic Young Adults Discuss Gender

November 2017:

Responding to the Haters

4 Tips for the Craft of Writing

Songwriting (And Supposedly Straight White Boys)

To Parents, From a Gay Christian Son

Coming Out to Your Father

October 2017:

Writing Memoir

Philosophy, contra Milo Yiannopoulos

Mindy Kaling and National Coming Out Day

September 2017:

Being Celibate, Christian, and Gay…

I Have a Boyfriend. Want to Talk About It?

The Fat Kid

Me and Porn II: For Your Hope

Me and Porn I

August 2017

The Hell of Innocence

Gay, Catholic, Objectified by the Church

Discrimination in the Catholic Church

As We Forgive Our Debtors

July 2017

God in the Gay Bar

Sex as Communication

The Damn Cereal

Autonomy and the Catholic University

What is Sexuality?

Do We Want Gay Christians to be Chaste?

Two Views on Chastity and Sin

What We Get Wrong About Chastity

June 2017

Reviewing Fr. Martin’s Reviewers: The LGBT Community and the Catholic Church

Homosexuality: the Church doesn’t know what She’s talking about

If a Guy Asked Me Out…

Gay Catholic Dating: Sin or Heartbreak

Is the catechism homophobic? Depends on who’s reading it

In Praise of “Lame Jobs,” and Against Prestige

Dear Future Person in My Current Position

May 2017

My Book is Now on Amazon!

Dr. Lu on Same-Sex Attraction: Stories and Embrace

Dr. Lu on Same-Sex Attraction: Rival Versions of Truth

Dr. Lu on Same-Sex Attraction: Mimetic Opposition

Dr. Lu on Same-Sex Attraction: A Response

April 2017

My Benedict Option?

The Dreher-Rocha Exchange

March 2017

Some resources on Catholicism and homosexuality ( + my new book!)

November 2016

After the election (and the story of a great fire)

October 2016

An Apology to my Readers

May 2015

The Absurdity of Non-Transgenderism: A Critique of a Critique (Ethika Politika)

October 2014

4 Elements of a Mature Adjustment to Celibacy (Spiritual Friendship)

August 2014

Coming Out and Being Open (Spiritual Friendship)

Fear and Celibacy (Spiritual Friendship)

The Awkward Avoidance of Biblical Interpretation

July 2014

When All Gay Desire is a Desire for Gay Sex (Spiritual Friendship)

The Labor of Love (Spiritual Friendship)

June 2014

Bosses in Bedrooms

A Love that Fills, and a Love that Opens (Spiritual Friendship)

On Erotic Interruptions, and the Lovesick God (Spiritual Friendship)

May 2014

The Desirability of Truth (Spiritual Friendship)

Noticing the Unnoticed: Some things I’ve learned from being loved (Spiritual Friendship)

“Just Get Married” and Other Uncaring Advice (Spiritual Friendship)

After the Third Way… (Spiritual Friendship)

Infantile Questioning and the Contemporary Theologian

On Gay Jokes, and Friendship versus Presumption (Spiritual Friendship)

April 2014

Justice and the Band of Robbers

On the “Being a Woman” Argument in Abortion Debates

The Public Act of Sex

On Being a Zoo Animal

A Ministry to the Hateful and Hated (Spiritual Friendship)

February 2014

Learning to See (Spiritual Friendship)

January 2014

Celibacy and Loneliness (Spiritual Friendship)

On Coming Out and Being Known (Spiritual Friendship)

On the Potential of those who Rape

Winning the Culture Wars

Marriage and Society: A Response to Michael Bradley, Part 2 (Ethika Politika)

Marriage and Society: A Response to Michael Bradley, Part 1 (Ethika Politika)

Homosexuality and Friendship: A Response to Austin Ruse (Crisis Magazine)

December 2013

Homosexuality and the Resurrection of Disability (Spiritual Friendship)

Defining Marriage Isn’t Defending Marriage (Intercollegiate Review)

November 2013

The Education of a Gay Catholic (Spiritual Friendship)

October 2013

On No Longer Being a “Conservative”

Candida Moss on the Socialist Jesus

Getting What We Paid For

September 2013

To Win as Notre Dame

Book Recommendations for Undergrads Considering Law School

The “coming out” of Christian doctrine (Spiritual Friendship)

The meaning of vocation (Spiritual Friendship)

So how should you respond when someone tells you a story like mine? (Spiritual Friendship)

This is ‘gay’ (Spiritual Friendship

My Early Education (Spiritual Friendship)

Why am I saying this? Why now? (Spiritual Friendship)

This is Me (Spiritual Friendship)

July 2013

Pope Francis’ Lesson on Persuasion

A Theory of Sexual Attraction: Part 2

A Theory of Sexual Attraction: Part 1

The Martyr for 2+2=4

The Small-Mindedness of Atheism

On Christian Children in the Public Schools

June 2013

The Problem of “Catholics for Equality”

Newman, and the development of Catholic teaching on abortion and homosexuality

A Letter to the Philosophy Department at Notre Dame

The Paradox of an Education in Philosophy

May 2013

A Problem with Co-Education

Done with college, and today I’m… disappointed

Forgotten Notre Dame

April 2013

Know Thine Enemy

Pornography Use at Notre Dame

Merits of the Gargantuan Family

On Staying Catholic

DARTing advice you won’t get

March 2013

Chivalry and Healthy Relationships

Losing to the Gay Rights Movement

Papa Franc and the Legacy of Bene

Mr. Crummett’s Cookies

Idylls and Rambles, by Fr. Schall

A Guide for “Introduction to Philosophy”

February 2013

Our introduction to ‘philosophy’

The Church Annie Selak Wants: Part II

The Church Annie Selak Wants: Part I

From the archives: A Valentine for Catholic lovers

In Defense of Catholicism and Catholics at Notre Dame

From the archives: The Christian Menace

From the archives: The Church and Liberty

January 2013

Catholicism, Consent, and Notre Dame Football

Football and Failed Family

My Senior Thesis

Disney: Defying and Embracing Modern Arts

Kelly interviews, and it reveals more about us than it does about him

The Great Books at Notre Dame

“The Gay Issue”: Objections and Clarifications

“The Gay Issue”: Notre Dame’s Plan

December 2012

“The Gay Issue”: Learning from the Pro-Life Movement

“The Gay Issue”: Broadening Same-Sex-Attraction

“The Gay Issue”: Newman and Michelangelo

“The Gay Issue”: Within Catholicism

“The Gay Issue”: On Terminology

Homosexuals Anonymous

November 2012

What is a Catholic University?

Death of a Catholic University?

My Race and My Rhetoric

October 2012

Respect Life. Respect Women.

On Office Hours

Professor Jim Sterba and the Arrogance of the Age

September 2012

Professor Jim Sterba and the Arrogance of the Age

Something to Yell About

Gay at the Grotto

What’s This About?

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