“Gay” vs “Same-Sex Attracted”

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Correcting myself: the Catechism, homosexuality, and seminary admission

Canon-Law-BookIf we use the Catechism’s definition, a person who engages in same-sex sexual activity (without an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction) is not necessarily a “homosexual.” Nor is a person who simply has sexual attraction to the same sex but has not engaged in such disordered acts.

Reflections on Language, 1


Some have argued against developing a language at all when it comes to these issues. Father Check’s remarks can be seen as working along this vein, as well as the 2014 essay by Michael Hannon, “Against Heterosexuality.”

Why I Call Myself a “Gay Catholic”


“Gay” is a silly term. That narrow category misses the complexity of the human experience. And given the way that language grows and develops over time, I don’t think it will last the century. 

When All Gay Desire is a Desire for Gay Sex

qdyzqqvmIn a sex-crazed culture, intimacy is rarely tied to a single moment. It’s simply a small part in a series of acts leading to sex. 

Homosexuality and Friendship: A Response to Austin Ruse

plato-courtesy-of-shutterstockEach person has a unique calling from God, and this calling is partly revealed by and lived through our unique circumstances.

This is “Gay”


“Gay” can be both descriptive and constructive. It can describe particular emotions, sentiments, orientations, and actions. Or it can be a means by which one identifies oneself and one’s relation to the world.

This is Me


 It is time for me to be open about myself and to reach out to others who are like me. The main point of this post is the firm and frank admission: I’m gay.

“The Gay Issue”: Broadening Same-Sex Attraction

Magnetic Compass On A World MapWhat does it mean for a person to be “attracted” to another? What does this attraction consist of? What are its limits?

“The Gay Issue”: On Terminology

Ecstasy of St Theresa

For anyone who seeks to actually engage with the LGBT community, “homosexual” and “homosexuality” are two words that may be good to avoid