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Friendship and the Writing Group. I often think that we need our friends, families, and mentors to help us understand our strengths. The external validation is the beginning of internal confidence, since our friends often help us to see what we overlook in ourselves, or what we hesitate to see. 

Pressure Cooker and Potted Plant.You don’t know the type of flower, or even if it is a flower, unless you give it the space to be what it is, entirely apart from your conceptions of what it might be. So, too, it is with people, and even more so. 

Friendship and Exclusivity.In order to maintain and build up a friendship, you need to devote time and effort to it regularly. Friendship is a skill and a talent that involves building up and maintaining a muscle, like playing the piano or a sport.

From Atheist to Ashes.Our friendship transcended value systems and beliefs. It grew in a series of invitations that we could pick up or leave on the table. I just happened to pick up the invitation to Mass.

Being Celibate, Christian and Gay…As Catholics, we can help others be open to conversion, but it is never something we can get others to do.

The Damn Cereal.Roommates are very important to me. I need people who regularly impinge upon my life, who inconvenience me in unexpected ways on a daily basis.

My Benedict Option?I recently had lunch with a friend, and we discussed “The Benedict Option.” He asked me, “Isn’t that basically what your house is doing?”

Audio: My current research on marriage, love, and friendship.This week I complete my M.A. in Catholic Studies, with my Master’s Thesis titled: “It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone: Love, Marriage, and Friendship in the Catholic Tradition.” 

The End of an Era.He reminded me that in the end, our greatest comforts and our greatest accomplishments are the friendships we have forged in our embattled years.

Forgiveness and Friendship.In a way, this might create stronger bonds with those who have hurt us than with those who are strangers, because we have to make a decision for mercy and love repeatedly, possibly for the rest of our lives. 

The Pain of Parting.Know that at the end of time, she will call you into her arms, and you shall be together once again.

What’s Next for Love and Marriage?What may be needed is less of a focus on defending teachings and more of a focus on touching the lives of others.

The Church I Disagree With.It turns out that simply affirming Church teaching doesn’t actually make you more virtuous. 

Friendship: The Foundation of Reason.When the Virtues of Discourse ask me to “always consider the possibility that I might be wrong,” I am asked to consider two possibilities.

The Labor of Love.This is not to say that friendship should be without affection. It is to say that we ought to be wary in looking to contemporary romance culture for ways of modeling affection.

A Love that Fills, and a Love that Opens.The highest forms of love, however, are not those which simply fill; the highest loves will always open, like the love of God, which not only fills us, but overflows into the lives of those around us.

Noticing the Unnoticed: Some Things I’ve Learned from Being Loved.Whatever your vocation is, a part of it will always be offering yourself to those around you. The habit of making the unnoticed noticed is an art that requires practice and deliberate work. But it’s a good work.

On Gay Jokes, and Friendship Versus Presumption.I’ve found that gay jokes (even those made by gay people) are made more often in ignorance than in intimacy.

Homosexuality and Friendship: A Response to Austin Ruse.Each person has a unique calling from God, and this calling is partly revealed by and lived through our unique circumstances.

Defining Marriage Isn’t Defending Marriage.The rise of “gay marriage” does not come primarily from a crisis in the understanding of what marriage is. It comes from a crisis in the understanding and practice of love, commitment, and community.

 This is Me.It is time for me to be open about myself and to reach out to others who are like me. The main point of this post is the firm and frank admission: I’m gay.