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Revoice a Year Later: New Reflections on Community. I might be tempted to go back in search of that old community, the easy place I had in the Catholic community while I lived a double life. Many things in my life would be easier if I gave up my relationship and went back to the secret life of hooking up. But I won’t go back to that place. 

I Wish I Could Love Thee Notre Dame. As he came to better understand himself after graduation, he discovered something buried that surprised him. Within himself, he said, he bore a confusing ill-will towards the University. I realized that I bore it too.

From the ReVoice Conference: My Life in Community.To say we were made to give but not receive love would be to claim a status greater than God Himself, who is a Trinity of mutual self-offering.

On Passing Things.“A flower is meant to bloom for a time.” The fact that it fades and passes away doesn’t make it any less beautiful or real. It just makes it a flower. A beauty that passes is still beautiful, and it lives on in what is borne through those who have loved it.

My House, My Beloved.I fail to see Sunday brunch as anything but a “comprehensive union,” a union of hearts and minds and body. Marriage, after all, is not the summit of communion, but a passing image of the heavenly feast. 

Do our married friends leave us behind? Gay Christians sometimes envy our straight friends. They get to have spouses and biological children…

The Damn Cereal.Roommates are very important to me. I need people who regularly impinge upon my life, who inconvenience me in unexpected ways on a daily basis.

If a Guy Asked Me Out…As it stands, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with two gay Christians going on dates, at least under official Catholic teaching (i.e. catechism).

My Benedict Option?.I recently had lunch with a friend, and we discussed “The Benedict Option.” He asked me, “Isn’t that basically what your house is doing?”

Lecture: Catholicism and Homosexuality.I gave a talk to a high school group in Texas on Catholicism and homosexuality. You can watch the recording here!

An Apology to my Readers.Roughly three years ago, I wrote for the first time on Spiritual Friendship. It was a coming out post. And from there I let myself adopt an identity.

Welcome Home.If you want Notre Dame to be a family and a home, then make it so. Go out and happen to things, and to each other.

Noticing the Unnoticed: Some Things I’ve Learned from Being Loved.Whatever your vocation is, a part of it will always be offering yourself to those around you. The habit of making the unnoticed noticed is an art that requires practice and deliberate work. But it’s a good work.