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Gay Celibacy, Step One


The realization that one is radically and recklessly embraced by Christ and the Church is the precondition for any Christian morality, since this morality rests on the fundamental and irrevocable dignity of the human person.

Catholic Young Adults Discuss Chastity

Close-up on discussion.If Wojtyla is right, this approach to “education in chastity” will actually exacerbate problems related to chastity, rather than alleviate them.

Sex as Communication

img_7738We don’t often think of sex as a form of communication, even though it carries many of the elements and possibilities of conversation. 

Do We Want Gay Christians to be Chaste?

img_7653-1Christians upholding a “traditional sexual ethic” often expect of and recommend to me some form of the “avoidant approach” to sexuality.

Two Views on Chastity and Sin

1512gay14top1Sin, hamarteia, is not only an overt act of evil, but also missing the mark, failing to achieve one’s aim.

What We Get Wrong About Chastity

3f6b837d4f956c30438d1be00bc6a033A preoccupation with such avoidance will prevent this cultivation and may actually increase tendencies towards concupiscence.

Gay Catholic Dating: Sin or Heartbreak

roommates-2-1A friend recently told me that same-sex dating was bound to “end in either sin or heartbreak.” This view was unsurprising.

Lecture: Catholicism and Homosexuality

Screenshot 2017-07-21 17.32.58I recently gave a talk in Texas on Catholicism and homosexuality! You can watch it here.

4 Elements of a Mature Adjustment to Celibacy

Is the Catechism homophobic?

These four elements strike me as important for a mature adjustment to Christian life, but they are particularly important for those living out committed celibacy. 

Fear and Celibacy


When I hear men and women approaching the idea of celibacy, the approach is most often framed by fear.