Speaking Info

Finding a dynamic gay Catholic with a strong theological background, experience working with people with different perspectives, and a desire to present a message that is both hopeful and realistic can be challenging. With an M.A. in Catholic Studies, Chris has a passion for exploring and contextualizing the Church’s teaching and tradition in a way that makes sense to Christians today. As a man who personally struggled to make sense of his confusing experiences, he knows what it’s like to doubt, struggle, and question. As part of a dynamic community and an engaged Catholic today, he knows how to pass through struggle and come out as a person invested in creativity and engagement with the Church. As a speaker, Chris can help your community explore the Church’s tradition in a way that is approachable, non-confrontational, and perhaps surprising.

In addition to speaking, Chris is also open to consulting with parishes, dioceses, and universities on how to both create spaces more welcoming to LGBTQ+ people while maintaining fundamental religious commitments. Chris believes that tensions will be unavoidable, but that they can be productive rather than paralyzing, and that unexpected goods can arise when we step into the spaces we once feared. Over the years he has been invited to:

  • Offer input to a Catholic university developing its first LGBTQ+ outreach program;
  • Advise a Catholic diocese on Catholicism and (homo)sexuality in preparation for a Holy See meeting;
  • Participate in a forum facilitating productive conversations between Christians who disagree on questions related to sexuality and marriage; and
  • Work with a coalition led by a national non-profit to lobby members of Congress regarding upcoming legislation on sexuality and religion.

You can find out more about Chris here.

Past Talks

On Catholicism and Homosexuality

What does the Church teach on homosexuality? Can it be lived? How do you explain it? This presentation gives an overview of what the Catechism says about homosexuality and shares some of Chris’s personal experiences.

Previous venues include large youth groups (200 high school students), parishes, and college campuses. Though Chris no longer does speaking events for youth groups, he is happy to give talks in college settings and for parents (who often struggle more than their kids to talk about these issues).

My Life in Community

One fear many gay Christians have growing up is where they’ll find love, friendship, and community as adults. This presentation focuses on God’s calling for Christians to form friendship and community, and the unique challenges and opportunities for gay persons in the Church.

Previous venues include a national conference for LGBTQ Christians.

Intersectionality and the Gay Catholic Experience

How does the gay Catholic experience shed light on minority experiences generally? How do we approach others with open-mindedness and create cultures where diversity and inclusion can thrive? This presentation focuses on one experience of intersectionality, with the hopes of fostering environments where more experiences can be shared.

Previous venues include a corporate panel for a Fortune 50 retailer.

Catholicism’s Clergy Abuse Crisis

Catholicism’s clergy abuse crisis is one of the most controversial, complicated, and important issues facing the Church today. This presentation, given either by Chris individually or with a YArespond panel, gives an overview of the crisis, the findings of the John Jay report, and what Catholics can do to respond in holistic, informed, and productive ways.

Previous venues include an American law school and a Catholic basilica.