Creative Writing Workshop

about The Mezzo Consortium

A friend and I were recently bemoaning the fact that Catholics today don’t seem to be actively engaged in serious creative writing. Part of this may be due to a lack of internal support (support in the Church) for such writers. Part of this may come from the fact that many Catholics, while very interested in discussing beauty and exegeting the beautiful, don’t prioritize the co-creative activity of making beautiful things as part of what it means to be made in the image and likeness of a creative God. To respond to both of these, we started up a (monthly) writing group!

Meeting format

The monthly group has roughly this format: 3 or so people will submit creative pieces, and we’ll meet to critique and discuss. Participants are expected to submit written comments for each piece prior to each meeting. We’ll also discuss issues related to publishing as they arise.

A note on “Catholic” writing:

To quote Marilynne Robinson, “I write from a religious perspective because I have a religious perspective, and I don’t assume it for the purposes of fiction.” We’re not so much interested in writing about Catholic subjects as we are just telling good stories. So while we’re open to explicitly religious writing, that probably won’t be our focus.

Also invite friends! Also, while this will probably be mainly Catholic writers, it certainly doesn’t have to be only Catholic writers! We’re very open to other writers who, at the very least, have an appreciation for the integration of faith and writing and will be comfortable writing in a setting with a particular emphasis on Catholicism and creativity.

To learn more, reach out via the Contact Page.