Christianity and sexuality

Courage and Freud: So what can be done?

Given all these problems with Catholic ministry to “homosexuals”, what are we do to?

In the previous four posts I discussed the issue of prevalent neo-Freudian ideologies among “orthodox” Catholics, especially concerning homosexuality. I also discussed the Freudian commitments of the Catholic ministry Courage, how they can’t be refuted, how the model of Courage may present opportunities for abuse, and why so many Catholics remain committed to Courage. So now one might ask: given all these problems, what are we do to?

We’re called to do what every Christian has ever been called to do: to love the Lord and serve the Church. We’re called to pursue sanctity in prayer, service, and chastity (active love), especially when it’s hard. That’s all.

If you want to know what that means at a practical level, I often come back to four areas to work on cultivating:

  • Productive work;
  • A well-defined prayer life;
  • A deep sense of community;
  • And a dedication to service.

In the end, what the Church needs to see from gay people (and help gay people to cultivate) is a life of fruitful beauty. That’s what I am seeking, and I invite you along in that pursuit.

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4 comments on “Courage and Freud: So what can be done?

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